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For those visiting the site for the first time I should like to inform you of a few things about the site and about the series.

: The preview book links: Each will take you to a separate selection in the book. Preview-1 Beginning of the book. Preview-2 Some of the action from the middle of the book.
About the Series: On this web site you will find links to learn about the first book "To Save A Planet". in this new Science Fiction series, "The Carta Chronicles". 
The second in the series, "Carbacka Menace", is nearly complete and in the editing phase and is coming soon..
The third book, is now in draft form under the working title of "Shimmer Ship".

     In a universe filled with millions of inhabited planets, each had their problems, and Earth was no exception. It did not matter where you looked, you could find a problem, with crime, war, and terrorism leading the list.
     No single person could influence these destructive forces, until an Alien Federation stepped in to tap Scott as their agent of change for this particularly troubled planet.
     Little did Scott know that this would become a major turning point in his life that would lead him to become the leader of a combined military force, in a fight to save the human race from total annihilation. Join Scott in this first adventure of The Carta Chronicles series.

.Honest People. The second book is coming. The second is done and simply needs to be edited. The third is in note form and well started. I broke my back in a fall back in 2014 and have been in rehab since then. I can sort of hobble around using a walker now. Well, sort of. Give me a chance and it will all get there and done.