This series is about a man recruited by a Federation of Alien species to clandestinely help them try to help the planet and save it from self-destruction in the future.
        Little did either the alien Federation or the main character, Scott Hunter, know that another race had set their sites on Earth as their next conquest in galactic domination.
        By the time the full ramifications of this finally become apparent, the human race along with the Federation becomes faced with enslavement or total annihilation.
        Their only choice is to combine forces and fight back. In the ensuing political upheaval that ensues, only Scott is found to be both qualified and acceptable to all concerned as the logical choice to command the combined fighting force of both human and alien technologies.
        Along with his alien and human friends, as well as the woman he loves and a self-aware super computer entity he begins by first building defenses for Earth. And then begins taking the fight back to the evil beings who wish to enslave of destroy all those in the universe who love freedom.

The second book in the series which is coming soon, goes on to show just how much further and larger the conflict they are in truly is. It goes way beyond anything revealed in the first book.

The third book should really shock you with the twists it will take. I hope you enjoy the series.