"Joe, never mind that for right now. What we came to find out is what is going on with all the guys Scott has had us watching," Ron told him before turning to Scott. "Care to comment on why all those guys you had us watching keep turning up dead?" he asked.
        Scott looked from one to the other before answering. "I'll tell you, but you're not going to believe me," he told them.
        "Try us."
        Scott blew out his breath, "Well, here goes guys. Those supposed men who were killed, were killed by ME."
        He waited for that to sink in and before they could utter any of the questions he could see forming, he went on. "They were eliminated for the simple fact that they are not human. They are members of a war like race called the Carbacka, who we believe, are here to try to destroy this planet," he finished and sat back to await their reactions. They weren't long in coming.
        "Are you out of your fucking mind or something. What are you talking about?" Joe exclaimed. "Are you trying to tell us that the guys you had us watching are little green men in disguise?"
         "No, they are a lot like us to start with, they've just been surgically altered so they can pass as human," Scott told them, looking from one to the other.
         "Bull shit Scott. What are you trying to pull?" Ron wanted to know.
         "I'm not trying to pull anything. Listen a minute and I'll try and explain. Do you remember when I brought you into this as Private Investigators working for me, I told you that the outfit that I worked for was a lot bigger than you could ever imagine. Well that wasn't the half of it. The group I'm with is indeed called the Federation, but it's not from this planet. It's a group of worlds that have banded together to try and help worlds like ours. Remember when I dropped out of sight for a while, a couple of year's back. That is when I was recruited to help them and act as their agent on the planet. During the time I was gone, I was actually aboard a star ship undergoing training."
         Joe gave him a withering look.
         "Look," Scott said loudly. "When this first started, the mission was to simply try to help the planet. Help clean it up, put a dint in big crime. Try to help some of the poorer nations, things like that. All that was before we found out about this other race. They're called the Carbacka, and I've seen pictures of what they have done to other worlds. They have to be stopped."
        "And you're the one who has to stop them, is that it?" Joe asked sarcastically.
         "There wasn't anyone else at the time who could," Scott said quietly.
        "I hope you have a good shrink," Joe shot back.
         "Hold it a minute Joe. Scott, have you got any proof of what you're claiming, any proof at all," Ron asked looking skeptical.
         Scott looked at them both for a moment and then
swiveled his seat forward. He started tapping numbers and letters into a pad on the console.
         "What are you doing?" Joe demanded.
        Scott glanced over at him. "If it's proof you want, it's proof you're going to get."
        Suddenly the small screen above the pad began to glow with a message. ACCESS DENIED UNAUTHORIZED PASSENGERS.
        "Shit," Scott said out loud. "Command over ride, authorization AVENGER 1, execute."
         Suddenly a voice spoke in the cabin. "Access granted. How may I help you Commander Hunter."
         Joe and Ron were turning their heads trying to find the new guy and not quite believing what they were hearing.
        "Authorize maximum gravity well climb for the Carta. Initiate forty-five seconds from my mark. Confirm."
        "Confirmed Commander, Gravity Drive in forty-five seconds from your mark. Maximum climb, ETA to the Carta, sixteen minutes thirty seven seconds."
        "Computer," Scott said. "Initiate."
        "Confirmed Commander."
        Scott slid his sleeve back and touched a button on the face of his watch.
        "Yes Scott," Savas answered.

        "Get hold of Hendel, En and Garth. Tell them to expect guests. I've got a couple of skeptics here who need to be shown how things stand."
        "Are you sure that's wise?"
        "Wise or not, it's got to be done before they blow my cover."
        Ron and Joe were in shock as the Crusaders nose began to pitch up toward space.